“Stacie designed my website from top to bottom, and I could not be more impressed with the results. Not only does she grasp her clients concepts and philosophies, but she is able to create web experiences that reflect them. I am amazed with her knowledge, and even more impressed with how passionately she goes about her work. Stacie takes initiative to make improvements in design and visibility so my business has the best chance to excel. She has taken care of my web site as if it is her own, and I know she has improved our opportunity to succeed. Stacie’s expertise and attention to detail have played a crucial part in the early stages of my business by building and managing my website, and I would enthusiastically recommend her to anyone needing similar services.”
– Brian Sipotz, Owner, Advantage Strength & Conditioning

“Stacie just completed our robust information architecture, and I was extremely impressed with her professionalism, communication, and most importantly, her patience with my partners and I as we worked through our business logic. It was clear throughout our time together that Stacie was more interested in producing the absolute best quality work to give us the best chance in the marketplace, rather than sharpening her pencil each time we called her with updates and modifications. I would highly recommend utilizing Stacie’s contract work, and should we grow large enough to require full time IA services, Stacie is the first person I would call for an employment opportunity.”
– Brendan Murphy, Founder, President, & Board Member at TripAlertz.com

“Stacie’s ability to quickly grasp complex concepts and translate them into beautiful workable design is awe inspiring. And she is a dream to work with. She’s consistent, reliable, creative and fun.”
– Marsha Traxler, Owner, Marsha Traxler RN, RPP (Balanced Blessings)

“Stacie is an IT woman who focuses first on understanding the business objectives of her customers and who can speak everyday English to all the luddites in the world. On all projects that I have done with Stacie, she has worked her butt off, with often skimpy resources and still solid results, to meet my goals.”
– Fran Alexander, Managing Principal, Alexander Resources

“I worked with Stacie on several projects, including the most complex ecommerce site I’ve ever been involved in. For that project, Stacie managed nearly 200 pages of wireframes through six months of business rule, client, agency and creative changes. She excels at protecting the integrity of the big picture user experience while never losing site of the minute details. She brings a lot of great ideas to the table as well.”
– Michael Guest, Senior Copywriter, Team Detroit, Inc

“Stacie Kay Sheldon is a boon to any work situation – an especially brilliant addition to any team. Her humor, her quick and fearless aptitude – along with her dilligence – are infectious. I highly recommend her and, if allowed, would do so with more specificity if you contact me personally.”
– Judy Foy, Managing Principal, New Work Media

“Stacie is a terrific Information Architect who is a great team player and is willing/able to dig deep into projects to draw up specifications and wireframes. She has the ability to really think about how a site will flow, easy or complicated and document it. She has great ideas, works well in a fast-paced environment and adapts well to changes of any kind. Stacie is truly a great asset for our team who has a positive attitude and wonderful personality.”
Debbi Brasile, Digital Delivery Lead, Team Detroit