Boston College City Connects

  • User Experience Design
  • User Research

The Ask: Completely redesign the City Connects software system.

The Solution: This was a complex project that first aimed to launch a MVP by summer of 2019. We started this project with an in-depth artifact review to learn the City Connects practice. To this end, I also conducted stakeholder interviews with key users types to learn how they work and what their hopes were for the new product. With the core project team I facilitated a design thinking workshop to help ideate around key problems that the new software could solve. With all of these inputs we developed a Product Brief that defined our work done to date and future plans on how to phase work. Following approval of the Product Brief I moved into the wireframing phase. When the first round of wireframes were approved I designed and conducted usability testing on a prototype built in-browser based on the wireframes. The usability testing was with real users and featured role-playing to mimic real world usage of the software and updates from the testing were incorporated into the MVP.

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