Operation Smile

  • User Experience Design
  • User Research

The Ask: Develop a strategy for Operation Smile to rearchitect its information architecture and user experience approach to capture the attention of incoming site visitors and provide them with a clear, simple-to-navigate experience that engages and motivates them to convert (subscribe, donate, etc.).

The Solution: To develop this strategy for Operation Smile I led the stakeholders through brand exercises and persona development. I also completed a full content audit of their website. I leveraged this audit to create a Card Sort study to investigate how users see their content. The card sort study had an unmoderated quantitative component as well as a smaller moderated qualitative component. I also designed a quantitative web survey that provided additional insight into how users perceive Operation Smile. Additionally, I completed a comparative analysis of primary navigation and language of other non-profits. All of these inputs were assembled and became the core of the Strategy and Conceptual Model for Operation Smile and will inform their future website work.